Sunday Round-up: 8/14/11

14 Aug

Relatively short list of new games this week. Well, really not a list of games at all, seeing as I didn’t stumble across anything new. Don’t fret: I won’t leave you high and dry with nothing new to look at.

Let me explain myself quickly: I had to move this past week, and thus was not able to play many games, much less get out hunting for anything new. That being said, I was able to get in some play time, with a few titles actually.

It's Pac-Man meets Pinball. Just like Sonic meeting pinball 18 years ago...

I have still been playing some Pac-Man and Galaga Dimensions, mainly because I don’t have anything else to play on the go. If nothing else, the game passes the time rather effectively. Look forward to the review via Machinima soon 🙂

Oh Capcom... you make the best games

I dabbled into a random game from my library and decided upon Under the Skin, a not-so-popular game for the PS2. It’s by Capcom, and has you in the role of an alien tasked with causing havoc amongst earthlings as a sort of rite of passage. The game reminds me heavily of Katamari Damacy, not in gameplay but in sheer absurdness. The game is totally crazy! “Pranks” you can pull on unsuspecting humans include electrocution, bowling balls, and even giant boxing gloves to the face! I’ve recorded some gameplay, and I’ll pop it up soon (I hear you can visit Raccoon City, of Resident Evil fame, as one of the stages, so perhaps after that).

Lastly, I want to direct you to my YouTube channel. I’ll most likely be embedding most of my videos onto this blog as well, but check here for more updates and things that I don’t get around to posting here (mainly raw gameplay vids and other small projects).



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