Sunday Round-Up: 9/04/11

04 Sep

It’s a slow week this time around, and thankfully one of the last slow weeks for video game releases. Only two games (well, 5 technically, and 1 even more technically) were acquired this week, and both of them downloadable. Don’t worry though, I’ve got an extra treat just for those loyal fans out there (so all 2 of you).

The Baconing
Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Arcade)
Release Date: August 31st, 2011

The third title in the DeathSpank series simply titled The Baconing, I was more than happy to pick this bad boy up. I am a fan of the series, which was first introduced just last year. The first title, simply called DeathSpank, was a charming little satirical look at RPGs and nerd-dom which I ate up. The sequel, Thong of Virtue, I didn’t like as much, but it was still an entertaining game. This game, though, has a good start and has held me over so far. Check out my Initial Thoughts on the game and read more.

Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection
Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Arcade)
Release Date: August 31st, 2011

Oh Mortal Kombat. There’s something about you that just sticks to me. I think it might be that one of my fondest memories of games growing up is playing MKII with my brother upstairs in his room. The day Mortal Kombat II was released on the Genesis was spent entirely on killing each other, sans the spare hour for meals. Prior to MKII the only other fighter I really got into was Street Fighter II’, and I was so young at the time all I could do was throw some Hadoukens and hundred hand slaps and I thought I was the shit. Anyway, this collection (or Kollection, as the title implores) is a great buy for fans of the MK series or fighting games in general. At $10 you really can’t say no to three arcade-perfect ports of three fantastic games. If nothing else it acts as a look down memory lane, both for fighting games and the Mortal Kombat series. Online play that runs fairly smooth isn’t a bad addition either.

Well, I said I wasn’t going to leave you dry with just a few games, so here’s a little extra. I recorded my gameplay of The Baconing yesterday and put together a small video of the hilarity that is DeathSpank. It’s short, and only a few hours into the game, but enjoy nonetheless.


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