Sunday Roundup: 9/18/11

18 Sep

So only the one new game this week, after last weeks mega haul. It’s an unlikely genre for me, since I don’t really play racing games, but so far the game has been rather enjoyable. Let’s take a look…




Trackmania 2: Canyon
Release Date: September 14th, 2011

So like I said this, game is a racing game. I picked it up in order to review it for Machinima, and honestly I was a little skeptical at first. But after downloading it and giving it a shot, I actually started to like it. So the game is a racing game, but instead of Gran Prix and other standard modes, everything is much quicker and like a time trial mode. Tracks are made by the fans in a nice level editor, and when playing online you can even rate which fan-made tracks were the best so they keep showing up for others to play. A single-player mode acts as a time trial of sorts, and awards you medals for completing levels in certain times. I should be writing my review soon’ish, so look for it here in a week or so.


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