Review: Sonic CD

06 Jan

After Sonic Generations came out and took us back through the entirety of the blue hedgehog’s past, Sega has released the one-time Sega CD exclusive Sonic CD on the Xbox 360. Being released on the ill-fated Sega CD meant that many gamers never got their hands on one of the last great 2D Sonic titles. Now that Sega has made the game available for download nearly 20 years after its initial release, all can experience one of Sonic’s best outings.


I will always praise a publisher when they decide to re-release an old game that is actually worth re-releasing. Sonic CD is a good example, because many gamers never got the chance to play it when it came out on the Sega CD (for obvious reasons, not the least of which being few people having one). Guardian Heroes did it, as well as Tactics Ogre, and those were both great! Thanks to Sega, we can all now enjoy the greatness that is Sonic CD!

Perhaps the most epic intro video on the Sega CD


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