Review: All Zombies Must Die!

19 Jan

There’s something about blowing a hole in the back of a zombie’s cranium with a 12-gauge that keeps me coming back again and again. The living dead have been the antagonist of many a videogame, and the new downloadable title All Zombies Must Die! is here to show us how much fun mankind’s doom can be: four-player co-op, a deep weapon crafting system, and a story that doesn’t take itself seriously. The zombie killing quickly turns rotten however, with repetitive gameplay, heavy backtracking, and missed opportunities.


Here’s a great example of a game that is great when only played for an hour or so, and then mind-numbingly monotonous after playing for more than two. All Zombies Must Die had so much potential to be more than it was and left me with a sour taste in my mouth after completing it’s final chapter. Some great action and good multiplayer keep this from being a total bust though, and it’s still worth a look for a good weekend title to play with friends.

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Jack learned everything he knows about zombies from video games, like any good citizen should

Gameplay videos for All Zombies Must Die can be found here.


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