Review: NeverDead

16 Feb

Don’t you hate it when you’re walking down a hallway, minding your own business, and then you brush up against someone else and your limbs go flying off in every possible direction? Such is the pain of Bryce Boltzmann, the protagonist of the new videogame NeverDead, cursed with immortality and charged with defending the world from an onslaught of demons. You’d think controlling a hero incapable of dying and who can re-grow limbs would make for a halfway decent game, but you’d be sorely, sorely wrong.


This game just leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth, like after eating at a cheap Chinese restaurant. If you read my preview of the game, then you’ll know things didn’t start out too well for this one.

They didn’t get much better.

Full review is over at Machinima.

Severed body parts aplenty


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