Review: Tales of the Abyss (3DS)

06 Mar

The 3DS is nearing its one year anniversary in March and what better way to celebrate the system’s launch than with a well regarded PS2 RPG port? Okay sure, there’s plenty of better way to celebrate I’m sure, but nonetheless Tales of the Abyss has been released for the 3DS. A cherished game on the PS2 from the Tales series, Tales of the Abyss offers up solid battle mechanics, a gripping story, and loveable characters. If you missed the first go around with this game and you own a 3DS, then here’s your chance to experience one of the better RPGs of the last decade.

I only dabbled in this game on the PS2, and by dabbled I mean saw someone else play it for a little less than an hour. On top of that, I’ve never played a Tales game since I rented Tales of Destiny II on the PS1 (BTW: That game was awesome). But Tales of the Abyss really grew on me: it wasn’t the most epic story or anything, but it was always entertaining. The characters help out great with this, and rounding out the package are excellent battle mechanics. Overall it’s a solid RPG that shouldn’t be missed on the 3DS if you’re a  fan of the genre.

Just a girl on top of a giant teddy bear fighting monsters. You know, normal stuff...

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