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Sunday Roundup : 4/29/12

A couple of good games this week at the cost of a store. Unfortunately our local Blockbuster video (which was privately owned) has finally closed it’s doors, the last day of sales being Saturday. Everything was on sale, movies, games, fixtures, and even the front desk. Wanting to help and also wanting to snag some games, I went in a bought a few titles this week.


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This Week in Gaming News: 4/21/12 – 4/27/12

What did this week bring us in gaming news? Japan is getting some awesome 3DS games that look amazing, G4 loses its most notable personality, Nintendo says they’re giving Kirby a 20th birthday extravaganza, and there’s a Kinect game coming out that combines rhythm games with basketball dribbling.

And if that’s not enough for you, there’s also a blog out there with incredibly original Pokemon artwork.


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Review: Legend of Grimrock

As generations of videogame consoles come and go we see vast improvements in many categories: graphics get a huge overhaul, the complexities of gameplay increases, and entire genres are redone to take advantage of each new system’s capabilities. A few casualties are left behind in this transition  like the point-and-click adventure game, 2D platformers, and dungeon crawling role-playing games. However each generation has a select few titles that stubbornly stick to the old formula and emulate the magic of games past, which is the case with Legend of Grimrock for the PC. A difficult, retro style RPG, Legend of Grimrock challenges players to fight for their freedom and escape from Mount Grimrock or be left to rot like countless others.

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Worth Playing vol. 4: The Compilation Compendium

What can be better than owning a ton of video games?

Owning a one video game that has a TON of video games all packed in to one disc!

The game compilation is an ideal way for publishers to re-release games and have gamers pay for them all over again, but it is also a great way for gamers to experience titles they may have missed or otherwise skipped over from years past. While some packages are just thrown together without any thought, others are done well and are deserving of your dollar. Here is my list of video game compilations that are very much worth checking out.

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Now Playing: Diablo III (Beta)

With the upcoming release date of May 15th rapidly approaching, Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo III is sure to sell like wildfire when it launches on PC and Mac. To test the waters before launch day, Blizzard opened up the beta for everyone to experience this past weekend. And experience I have. The game is nearly completed, so what was available for gamers was a nearly finished product, albeit with some limitations and restrictions due to its beta status. Regardless, Diablo III had many good things going for it. And here they are for you all, just in case you missed your chance to slaughter countless demons a few weeks early.

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Sunday Roundup: 4/22/12

A slow week this week but a new game nonetheless. And it’s one that I’ve been looking at getting for some time and finally found it at the right price.





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This Week in Gaming News: 4/16/12 – 4/20/12

So what happened this week? A new God of War game was announced, which is itself a huge deal, but a few release dates were given out as well that have me equally giddy.




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