Sunday Roundup: 4/22/12

22 Apr

A slow week this week but a new game nonetheless. And it’s one that I’ve been looking at getting for some time and finally found it at the right price.





PlayStation 2
Release Date: March 24th, 2003
Purchased At: Disc Replay (Lafayette, IN – $3)

Amplitude is a rhythm game from Harmonix, the folks that brought us the incredible fun Guitar Hero and Rock Band series’. This is the successor to Frequency, which follows pretty much the same formula. In this game and the former, you hit buttons on tracks in correct order and timing to play a song. So imagine playing Rock Band/Guitar Hero but instead of using a guitar controller you’re using the PS2 controller, and you are actually controlling the entire song instead of just one track. It’s neat. If you mess up on the bassline, then it won’t play until you get it going again. Same thing for the rest of the song’s parts. Definitely worth checking out if you’re a rhythm game fan; you can see the origins of┬áRock Band’s formula hidden away here too.


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