Sunday Roundup: 6/17/12

17 Jun


And then some more for good measure.

As stated last week, I was just one game away from making it to 1000 games in my ever-expanding collection of games-I-hope-to-play-someday-but-will-likely-never-get-around-to-playing. Well this week that milestone was finally, after 10 years of collecting, achieved. And here they are…

Mega Man X Collection
PlayStation 2
Release Date: January 10th, 2006
Purchased at: Game Changers (Michigan City, IN – $11)

For as big a fan of the Mega Man series I am, I somehow never manged to snag a copy of this one. Though I’m not nearly as much a fan of the X series, I still enjoy a good MM game, and Mega Man X just so happens to be one of the finest games in the entire franchise. For that game alone I’d be interested in picking this one up. Throw in five more¬†Mega Man X titles as well as Battle & Chase and I’m totally game.

Monkey Hero
Release Date: February 28th, 1999
Purchased at: Game Changers (Michigan City, IN – $4)

Story time! I had initially purchased this game from I want to say Game Crazy before they went out of business years ago. I remember getting the game and being excited by the graphical presentation shown on the game’s back cover. The anime-esque style appealed to my Dragon Ball Z-addicted mind, so I picked it up. When I got the game home though…. When I got back home the game didn’t work! I had to take it back and couldn’t even play it. Flash forward some five or more years, and I NEVER SAW THE GAME AGAIN. That was until Game Changers opened in my local shopping mall. I saw it on the shelf and thought, “I should probably buy this…” And then flash forward yet again a few months and I caved.

Pokemon Conquest
Release Date: June 18th, 2012
Purchased at: N/A (Review title)

So here it is, ladies & gentlemen. My 1000th game is none other than Pokemon Conquest for the Nintendo DS. Last week I hesitated on buying my 1000th game because I knew I’d be receiving this one in the mail this week, thus making it my 1000th. I had other games in mind, but I felt like this milestone game needed to be something more than a title I find in a used game bin. What better game than the newest in the Pokemon franchise? It’s been a favorite of mine for the better part of a decade, and not only that, I was fortunate to get the game before it’s even released to the general public (one of the perks of being a game reviewer). Where to go from here… maybe 1000 more game?

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the game itself: it’s fantastic! Expect a full review soon!

Spawn: The Eternal
Release Date: December 1st, 1997
Purchased at: Game Changers (Michigan City, IN – $8)

Apparently this game blows. Having no idea about this one, I picked it up because it’s Spawn, and the back of the case made it out to be a sort of fighter/beat-em up. Being a fan of both the character and the genres, I decided I’d give it a shot. I’m thinking of playing this one soon, to be honest, just to see what the fuss was all about.

Tiny Toon Adventures: The Great Beanstalk
Release Date: November 27th, 1998
Purchased at: Game Changers (Michigan City, IN – $3)

I guess you could say I liked the source material, because I definitely watched the TV show when I was growing up, but I wouldn’t say I was fanatical about it or anything. I think the thing that stood out most about this game was that it’s a point-and-click adventure game on the PS1. I can’t recall any other point-and-click game on the PS1 besides Broken Sword. That’s got to be worth something, right?



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2 responses to “Sunday Roundup: 6/17/12

  1. Eric

    06/20/2012 at 10:54 pm

    Congrats on passing the 1K milestone! An interesting batch of games, too. I vaguely remember Monkey Hero, or at least its cover art. What genre is that one?

    • jsicktheslick

      06/21/2012 at 12:21 am

      It’s an adventure RPG, if I recall correctly. It’s by Take-Two Interactive, which owns Rockstar games and 2K. So after Monkey Hero they went on to way better things :p


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