Review: Pokemon Conquest

20 Jun

Swap out your pokedex for a katana and get ready for Pokemon Conquest, the newest game in the Pokemon series for the Nintendo DS. A crossover title incorporating the playful cheeriness of Pokemon with the tactical warmongering of Nobunaga’s Ambition, Pokemon Conquest hits all the right notes to deliver a satisfying strategy game for hardcore gamers, Poke-addicts, and newcomers alike. And to answer your question, no, you can’t cut Pikachu up to a bloody mess with twin katanas.


I haven’t had this much fun with a Pokemon title since the very beginning of the series on the original Game Boy. I can easily attribute this to Pokemon Conquest’s changes to gameplay and the overall feel to the game. The perfect blend of both games (Pokemon and Nobunaga’s Ambition) comes up big, creating a title that can (and should be) a great new spinoff series for Nintendo.

Nobunaga is the game’s protagonist, and a real life historical warlord. Albeit without Zekrom (or any Pokemon, for that matter)

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