Sunday Roundup: 6/24/12

24 Jun

Just one game this week, but it’s been a good one so far. I’ve only had a small bit of experience with the LEGO series, but what I have seen and played I really enjoyed. For that reason I was more than happy to pick this one up for review this week.




LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
PlayStation 3
Release Date: June 19th, 2012
Purchased at: N/A (Received as review copy)

The big lure to this game is that you can play as more than just the Dark Knight. Right off the bat you can play as Robin, and before you know it you’re flying around as Superman, running as the Flash, and controlling the Martian Manhunter (or at least you will, I haven’t gotten to him just yet). LEGO Batman 2 is the first game in the LEGO series to feature fully voiced characters instead of just gestures and gibberish. The game still feels sort of stale though, even with all this awesomeness, because it still feels like past LEGO games. Expect a full review soon!


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