Modern Classics: DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution

24 Jul

It’s been a long time since I created the Modern Classics library, and I’ve completely neglected it over these pasts months. With that in mind I set out to reinvent the series, and I wanted to start with a game that easily fit into the Modern Classic criteria:
It has to be a fun, new, innovative, or personal favorite of myself and gamers;
Leaving behind a legacy for the video game world to remember is a plus, and;
There has to be something here that I can teach you about the game.
And what did I come up with? Dance Dance Revolution. And very quickly, actually.


It was like being a teenager all over again! I popped the PS2 disc in the system, hit record, and relived some of the best gaming years of my life. Watch the video below and understand why DDRMAX is a fantastic game.

Modern Classics: DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution



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2 responses to “Modern Classics: DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution

  1. Mike Cornish

    07/24/2012 at 10:17 pm

    Man, I miss this game now. I remember DDR used to be the only thing me and my sisters would bond over. We played so much that we broke and replaced a few mats. Good times…

    Even though there’s newer, more accurate dance games out now like Dance Central and Just Dance, I feel like there will always be something special about DDR.

    Now I feel the need to go to an arcade and see if they still have the machines,

    • jsicktheslick

      07/24/2012 at 10:51 pm

      Sadly most arcades I’ve been too in the past few years haven’t had a working machine, if they had a machine at all.

      That’s a good point you make about newer dance games not being the same. I think the somewhat synthetic experience of DDR made it feel more like a game, so I didn’t mind looking silly because I was achieving a high score and having a great time.


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