Review: Rock Band Blitz

29 Aug

Be honest: when was the last time you sat down and played a Rock Band/Guitar Hero game? If you’re like me, and undoubtedly countless other gamers, then your plastic instruments have been collecting dust somewhere, not nearly getting as much love as they use to just a couple short years ago. Well Harmonix, the creators of Rock Band, had that in mind when coming up with the newest iteration of their music simulator. Rock Band Blitz is a dramatic change for the series that gives gamers a different approach to the rhythm genre.

The real draw to this game should be how you can instantly use any DLC on your hard drive in the game. If you have albums upon albums of Rock Band tracks you’ve downloaded over the years, then this is actually a very solid, highly recommended purchase. But if you don’t have anything, then you should probably just buy the original game first, and get this if you’re craving what ultimately comes down as another game mode.

Channel you inner guitarist/bassist/vocalist/keyboardist/drummer all at the same time!

Read my full review at Machinima’s Inside Gaming Daily blog here!


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