The Recurring Bosscast: 001 – Love and Video Games

01 Nov

Exciting news in the world of Jsick!

Today, November 1st, 2012, marks the debut of a brand new video game podcast, the Recurring Bosscast! Hosted by Jett from Splitkick and In Third Person, and co-hosted by Mat from Biff Bam Pop! and yours truly! My first foray into the podcasting world has been a great one, with interesting topics, intellectual talks, and just an overall fun time. Read on to learn more, and listen!


The Recurring Bosscast is a bi-weekly podcast hosted on

In our inaugural episode we discuss the hottest of hot topics: girlfriends and video games. Outside of that, Jett gives us his first impressions on Assassin’s Creed III, Mat wasn’t too impressed with Dishonored, and I offer up a bit of information about the upcoming Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

I’m very excited about this new feature, and I’m super eager to podcast more, discuss more games, and have fun! Thanks for listening, and be sure to tune in every other week to hear more of the Recurring Bosscast!

Click the link below and enjoy!
The Recurring Bosscast Episode 001: Love and Video Games


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