Free Play – Pop’n Music (Wii)

18 Dec

Pop'n Music CoverMy excitement was high when I saw this game sitting on the shelf. I thought to myself, “No way! Pop’n Music for only $4! And on the Wii, eh? That just might be able to work.”

Why I thought so highly of the Wii and its controls I do not know, because Pop’n Music this is not. Konami, why did you do this to me? Why didn’t you just release a true version of Pop’n Music here in the United States, with an official 9-Button controller and the actual gameplay the series is known for? I would have greatly played and praised that game, but instead I have this musical tragedy.

You’re (hopefully) getting the vibe that this game isn’t that good. Don’t get me wrong, it’s terrible, but for a younger audience not very familiar with Bemani games or music games in general, this may actually be a decent game for them. But unfamiliar I am  not, nor a child, so Pop’n Music gets a nice big “NO” on my recommendation scale.

For reference, the recommendation scale goes like this: NO > Maybe > Yes > OHMYGODPLAYTHISNOW!!

Free Play – Pop’n Music (Wii)


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