Game Hunter Episode 01: New, Loose, and Complete

04 Jan

I’m super excited to present to you all the inaugural episode of Game Hunter, a new series focusing on video game collecting! If you’ve been following Slick Gaming you’re already aware of my passion for game collecting. It’s been in the works now for awhile, but Game Hunter is now a reality!

The first episode focuses on starting out your collection, and deciding what you want to buy: new games, loose games, and/or complete games. In the video I give explanations for each, give some reasons why you may or may not want to pursue a certain route, and share extra knowledge about general game collecting. I’m working on new episodes already, and I’m thrilled to be able to pass on some of my experiences to you. Enjoy!

*I’m not happy with the sound quality of this one, so in future episodes I’ll be addressing that issue. Criticism and praise is highly appreciated :)*



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2 responses to “Game Hunter Episode 01: New, Loose, and Complete

  1. martianoddity

    01/06/2013 at 6:08 am

    That’s a great introduction to game collecting! Thanks for putting effort into making that video, I’ll be sure to check out upcoming episodes!


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