Vault Play: Parappa the Rapper

11 Jan

Parappa the Rapper PS1 CoverPerhaps you’re newer to games, with “new” meaning you started playing games in the 2000s or later. If you fall into this category you might be wondering where the hell all these so-called “All-Stars” are coming from in the PlayStation 3’s mascot-fueled brawler PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. You’ve got a God, some treasure hunter with a few guns, a devious raccoon, a scary looking clown, and a dog that can rap. That’s right, a dog that can rap! Man, you’ve got to love gaming in the 90s.


My very first entry into Splitkick’s Vault Play series of retro-style game reviews is up! For my inaugural game I choose none other than the PS1 classic Parappa the Rapper. The game holds up fairly well some 16 years later, but it does have some flaws that keep the game from being in the Parthenon of retro games. Regardless, Parappa is a game that deserves to be played.

Do you know why we stopped the car?

Do you know why we stopped the car?

Check out my full post on the game and find out why all problems should be resolved through hearty rap!


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