Gaming News: 1/26/13

26 Jan

Yoshi Wii UAs one company falls, another announces a handful of new games that have me excited.

This week saw the official end of THQ, as the publisher sold off its assets to those willing to buy and has ceased to be. While at the same time, Nintendo unveiled a ton of new games for their consoles, including new Zeldas, Marios, and more.

The biggest news story this week is sad: THQ is no more. The company sold off its IPs and games to other companies. Rest assured your favorite games are still coming out, just under different publishers…

… Well, at least we hope so. After the sale of its assets, no one picked up Vigil, the studio behind the Darksiders games. Tweets from interested developers suggested the studio might find life somewhere, but as of now there were no buyers.

Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct conference this past week, announcing lots of new games. Games include a Fire Emblem/Shin Megami Tensei crossover, an HD Wii U remake of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, as well as a hint at more Mario games to come this E3.

A brand new game starring Yoshi was announced. It is being developed by the same studio behind Kirby’s Epic Yarn and features a similar visual style. I’m tickled pink about a new Yoshi game, and the graphics are a great kicker!

Capcom is bringing the 3DS exclusive Resident Evil: Revelations to the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U. Let’s hope this time they spell everything correctly…

Project X Zone, the game starring characters from Sega, Capcom, and Namco franchises, is coming to North America this summer! Huzzah!


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  1. martianoddity

    01/29/2013 at 9:54 am

    That Yoshi game looks great! 😀 Really visually appealing!


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