Review: Fire Emblem: Awakening

01 Feb

Fire Emblem Awakening CoverWith a story involving ancient dragons, a land divided by turmoil and different rulers, and a character suffering from amnesia, one might think Fire Emblem: Awakening is a run-of-the-mill tactical RPG. But looking at the game in such a way only scratches the surface of what Fire Emblem: Awakening has to offer: a huge cast of varied characters, approachable yet deep gameplay, and cutscenes that are more stunning than some console games.


This is my first Fire Emblem game that I’ve finished. I dabbled with the first North American release, simply called Fire Emblem, and got fairly into it, but I never finished it. Outside of that I’ve also played the remake of the first game for the DS and promptly stopped playing because it was not fun at all. So my feelings were mixed towards Awakening. Those feelings are no longer wavering, as Awakening is simply one of the best original strategy RPGs to come out in years. It perfectly blends depth veteran players require and a mountain of options that make the game 100% approachable by series and genre newcomers. If you have yet to play a strategy RPG or a Fire Emblem game, here is the perfect place to start.

Chrom battles the mysterious figure known by the legendary name "Marth"

Chrom battles the mysterious figure known by the legendary name “Marth”

Read my full review of the game on the Inside Gaming Daily blog here.


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