Gaming News: 3/9/13

09 Mar

Professor Layton MangaJet called it in a tweet last week: I think we doomed SimCity.

After the game was released it was plagued with issues concerning connectivity, gameplay performance, and more. After talking highly of the series and it’s future on the last Bosscast I am more than upset the game has stumbled right out of the gate.

In other news, there are some games on sale you can swipe if you’re fast. And apparently there’s a Professor Layton manga I can must spend all of my money importing.

A lot of news this week surrounded EA’s release of SimCity on PC. First, the servers were not running efficiently, then the servers were down, then there were issues of performance even if you could get online, then EA started to pull some features of the game to try to fix the issues, then things got worse, then EA issued an apology (and a free game to those that bought SimCity) and are still working to get the game up and running. A pretty sad tale indeed for a series as great as this.

There’s still time if you’re an Xbox Live Gold Member to take advantage of the Deal of the Week. It features excellent (and mediocre) fighting games on the cheap, including Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown and Sonic the Fighters among others.

After a bit of confusion, Telltale made affirmative their intentions of releasing Season Two of their excellent story-driven game The Walking Dead this coming Fall (2013).

A fun bit of news, it was discovered this week that using an Action Replay cheat device with the GameCube game F-Zero GX you can unlock a fully playable and complete version of the arcade game F-Zero AX. It’s strange that this wasn’t discovered until now, nearly 10 years after the games’ release.

Kotaku has shown me there is a Professor Layton manga in Japan. Even though it’s targeted at children, I must now own every single one of these comics.


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