Gaming News: 3/23/13

23 Mar

Ducktales Remastered TitlePAX East is upon us! And as for news from the convention you can expect half a days worth of goodness here and the rest next week, thanks to the unfortunate timing of the release of this post!

In non-PAX news, Square Enix is re-releasing some games, Capcom is still re-releasing some games, and EA is moving around it’s top management.

Electronic Arts’ John Riccitiello, the CEO of the mega game publishing company, stepped down this week.

Capcom hinted at a couple of announcements at this weekend’s PAX East held in Boston. One of these surprises ended up being Ducktales: Remastered, an HD update of the company’s classic NES platformer!

After six years of providing gamers with downloadable music tracks, Harmonix is ending Rock Band’s incredible run of DLC with one final release: Don McLean’s “American Pie”

HD updates of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 are heading to North American shores later this year! Coupled with Square Enix’s re-release of Kingdom Hearts, this is shaping up to be a year of remakes!

At PAX East, Blizzard announced a new online collectible card game based around their World of WarCraft franchise entitled HearthStone. No, it isn’t an electronic version of the actual WoW card game, it’s something totally different.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Director’s Cut is headed to the Wii U, complete with newly implemented touch screen controls, gameplay mechanics, and some added content as well on the disc.

The Behemoth’s follow-up to mega Xbox Live Arcade hit Castle Crashers, Battle Block Theater, received a very near release date this week: April 3rd! Considering I first saw the game exactly two years ago at PAX East 2011, I think it’s about time for this one.



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6 responses to “Gaming News: 3/23/13

  1. JJ M. (@jjmahoney3)

    03/24/2013 at 6:13 pm

    I got Kingdom Hearts today, and FFX and X-2 a few months back when I first started collecting. I really want to play them but I wonder if I should wait till the HD versions come out. I have plenty of games in the backlog that I can wait without too much pain.

    • jsicktheslick

      03/24/2013 at 10:48 pm

      All three of those games are good games. If you play any, I’d recommend FFX first: it’s a great RPG with a decent story, nice visuals, and a fun combat system. Kingdom Hearts is good too, but it’s a much different experience and you’re enjoyment of it will rely on your liking of Final Fantasy and Disney šŸ™‚

  2. JJ M. (@jjmahoney3)

    03/26/2013 at 12:15 pm

    Yeah, I played a few hours of FFX. I remember getting around where Luna did the little magic/dance thing on the water (the part that’s in all the trailers). Don’t remember how far in that is. I didn’t stop for lack of interest. I was probably distracted with another game. That’s been my MO for far too long. This year I’m trying to be more focused. One game at a time.

    • jsicktheslick

      03/26/2013 at 1:45 pm

      It’s been awhile since I’ve played it but I think that’s fairly early. And I tell myself every year I’m going to do exactly what you said you’re trying to do. Each year I’m more successful than the previous, but it’s always an uphill battle.

  3. JJ M. (@jjmahoney3)

    03/26/2013 at 1:54 pm

    I’ve been pretty good so far. I played through the Mass Effect series (as you know from my Bosscast emails), back to back over 6-8 weeks. Then I started Ni No Kuni. I’m kind of in a lull now after getting back into the Walking Dead. I haven’t played anything in a few weeks. But I know once I fire up NNK again I’ll get sucked right back in. After that I’ll probably try and finish one of my half completed games, like FFXIII-2 or Arkham Asylum.

    • jsicktheslick

      03/26/2013 at 2:06 pm

      Sounds like a good plan. When I get into a lull as you put it, I try to do something totally different. Whether that’s playing a drastically different game than I’m used to or something else entirely (like reading, watching TV, writing, etc.) is dependent on how I feel at the time. But after that little break I get right back into it ready to go!


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