Game Hunter 05: Collecting Dreamcast

28 Mar

Easily my favorite episode so far! Collecting for the Sega Dreamcast is just plain fun. There are so many unique finds for the system every game you get will be worth it. I highly recommend collecting for this fantastic console!


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2 responses to “Game Hunter 05: Collecting Dreamcast

  1. John

    04/07/2013 at 12:17 am

    I feel like loving the Sega Dreamcast is the hipster equivalent in the collecting scene. However, I adore the platform. Never played one in its prime, but posthumously I’ve assorted quite a collection. Your collection definitely outpaces mine with those stellar fighting games though.

    It’s surprising just how many fantastic “video game” video games there were – very fun multiplayer ones too. And jeeze, The Typing of the Dead and Seaman are so cool.

    • jsicktheslick

      04/07/2013 at 4:16 pm

      Haha, the “Hipster equivalent in the collecting scene.” I can kind of see that, yeah. But then again, I was able to play it in it’s prime, and really do love it It deserves most all the praise it gets too: the games are unique, they’re fun, they dare to do something different, and they system itself really did do a lot of things first.

      You really can’t do wrong if you’re collecting Dreamcast. At least in my mind 🙂


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