Gaming News: 3/30/13

30 Mar

The Wolf Among Us Title CardPAX East wrapped up only for GDC to begin. That’s a lot of conventioning for any one person. Oddly, at least for me, I didn’t really see any crazy new announcements this week or news story that stood out to me as being particularly amazing.

That being said we’re still getting some new titles, not the least of which being another episodic venture from The Walking Dead developer Telltale Games!

It was confirmed at the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) this week that Konami’s strange The Phantom Pain video game is indeed Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

Microsoft is rolling out a new feature in April called “MyPunchcard.” The feature will give you some bonuses for spending money on XLBA games and playing XBLA games during the month. It’s a nice incentive, and you can view all the details here.

Telltale Games, the developers behind last year’s crazy successful and fun The Walking Dead video game, officially revealed they are working on an adaptation of the comic series Fables. This is great news for two reasons: if the game is anything like The Walking Dead we’re in for a treat, and the Fables comics are pretty grand in and of themselves.

During a party at GDC, many attendees were off-put by the inclusion of female dancers wearing less clothes than appropriate, to put it plainly. This resulted in a few resignations from the organizing group and a bit of buzz around the industry .

Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada has stepped down from the Japanese company citing less than expected sales of titles this year. Buzz around this also stems from calling the over 3 million copies of the company’s most recent endeavor Tomb Raider less than stellar…


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