The Recurring Bosscast: 015: Jason and Jett Do Vegas

14 May

If only our adventures in Las Vegas were done up in a “Beavis and Butt-Head: Do America” feature film…

Alas we’re left with the otherwise excellent episode 15 of the Recurring Bosscast! Call it luck, fate, or sheer circumstance, but Jett and I happened to meet one another in America’s playground, Las Vegas! Mat unfortunately was left alone and cold as he was not in Vegas, and his girlfriend was in Iceland (which is much greener than Greenland, which is much cooler than Iceland. Go figure!)

This week’s topic was a damn good one: disappointing video game sequels! Mat and I have a scuffle over Final Fantasy VIII, I proclaim Mortal Kombat II as the pinnacle of the series, and there is very little love forĀ Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Episode 015 Picture

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The Recurring Bosscast Episode 015: Jason and Jett Do Vegas


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