Review: Anomaly 2

28 May

Anomaly 2 TitleIt was only two years ago that we were first shown just how fun a reverse tower-defense game could be with the release of Anomaly: Warzone Earth. Building mobile units to travel through a battlefield destroying powerful alien structures instead of defending stationary towers was a novel idea that gave the tower-defense genre a new layer of gameplay. With the release of Anomaly 2, 11 bit studios expands upon the “tower-offense” idea of the first game by adding a new transformation ability to the mix as well as a brand new storyline and deployable units to experience.

I was very surprised how much fun I had with the Xbox 360 version of the first Anomaly. The tower offense sub-genre worked quite well, and the storyline rounded out the solid and fundamental gameplay. Seeing that Anomaly 2 is better than Warzone Earth, I was surprised yet again. Multiplayer tower defense is where it’s at, and you should be playing it to try something new.

Read my full review of Anomaly 2 on Machinima’s Inside Gaming Daily blog.


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