Mega Man

Mega Man: Let the Games Begin

Mega Man’s very first adventure retells many of the events that took place during the very first NES video game, Mega Man. Dr. Wily reprograms the good-hearted Dr. Light’s Robot Masters and causes destruction upon the city. Now it’s up to Dr. Light’s child robot Rock to step up and don the iconic blue armor to become Mega Man. Fantastic visuals and great writing make this collection of comics a must read for Mega Man fans and a good starting point for a brand new series.

Mega Man: Time Keeps Slipping

In the first entirely original arc for the series, Mega Man and the original six Robot Masters begin the rebuilding process in the aftermath of Dr. Wily’s rampage. But two new Robot Masters, Time Man and Oil Man, show up to not only ruin Dr. Light’s plans but also free Dr. Wily from his imprisonment! It’s up to Mega Man and Federal agents Stern and Krantz to stop Wily again, before he destroys the whole city! An entertaining story, fantastic visuals, and more Mega Man action make Volume 2 another must-read for series fans!

Mega Man: The Return of Dr. Wily

Dr. Wily has created eight new Robot Masters, this time designed for the sole purpose of destroying Mega Man! Not only that, but a virus is running through Mega Man’s circuits, causing him to stray further and further away from his goodhearted self and into darkness. Featuring each Robot Master from Mega Man II, a ton of references that series fans will love, and a clever story with fantastic visuals, Volume 3 is the best of the bunch so far!


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