Volume 2

Mega Man: Time Keeps Slipping

Dr. Wily is behind bars, the Robot Masters have been re-reprogrammed to their original state, and the clean up and reconstruction of the city has begun. That is until Dr. Wily and two new Robot Masters begin to threaten the city again. With pesky federal agent watching their every move, and new foes that have the power of time on their side, Mega Man, Dr. Light, and Roll may be in over their heads!

Mega Man Issue #5


Mega Man and the Robot Masters are having a great time reconstructing the city that was destroyed in the wake of Dr. Wily’s uprising. And with the mad doctor in jail, things seem to be finally shaping into the future Dr. Light wanted: one where humans and robots coexist peacefully. Leave it to Dr. Wily though to plan a spring while behind bars, as two new Robot Masters, Time Man and Oil Man, bring their unique abilities to the table and start to wreck havoc in the name of Wily yet again!

References to the video game series

– Ripot and Plum are again reporting on Dr. Light’s reconstruction attempts
– A Bunby Heli takes a message for Dr. Wily while in jail
– Dr. Light says he “hopes to capture that X-Factor and build a robot with a true free will of its own,” a reference to the Mega Man X series
– A Sniper Joe causes a diversion for Dr. Wily to escape from his jail transport car
– Time Man and Oil Man return as the main antagonists of this arc


– Despite the story arc and graphic novel collecting the full story arc being called “Time Keeps Slipping,” the issues are all titled “Time Keeps On Slipping”
– The original six Robot Masters (Cut Man, Elec Man, Bomb Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, and Fire Man) all begin their new roles (and originally intended roles) as good robots built to aid humanity
– Federal agents Gilbert Stern and Roslyn Krantz are introduced in this issue, the first entirely original characters to the series
– A sign on a building behind Dr. Light and Agent Stern is partially cutoff, but has the letters, “CAP” and “Indust”, a possible reference to Capcom Industries

Mega Man and Bomb Man working together

The introduction of Agents Krantz and Stern


Mega Man Issue #6


Dr. Wily has escaped and Agent Stern believe Mega Man and Dr. Light to be behind it. To prove his innocence, Dr. Light allows himself to be turned over to the police, so Mega Man can venture forth and stop the real culprit. Before long, Mega Man realizes Roll has been kidnapped as well, and with the help of Ice Man and Cut Man decides to infiltrate Dr. Wily’s fortress in search of clues. You just know Wily has traps set up for the Blue Bomber, but those are the dangers Mega Man and crew must overcome to stop the madman yet again.

References to the video game series

– Dr. Wily refers to Time Man and Oil Man as “rather powered up compared to the other six (Robot Masters),” a nod to Time Man and Oil Man’s inclusion in the PSP remakeof the first Mega Man game, Mega Man: Powered Up
Mega Man, Cut Man, and Ice Man battle Adhering Suzys and Fleas/Blasters in Dr. Wilys fortress
– CWU-01P shows up at the end of the story, first seen in Mega Man: Powered Up


– Mega Man teleports to Light Laboratories, despite Dr. Light being held by the police. In the last volume, Let the Games Begin, it was clear that Dr. Light was teleporting Mega Man to and from locations. Ice Man says he doesn’t have a clear teleportation signal later in the issue, suggesting that robots can teleport freely
– Time Man often makes references to the time, keeping on schedule, and not being late
– Ice Man shows concern for Roll being kidnapped. This is the first hint at Ice Man having feelings for Roll
– When Ice Man, Cut Man, and Mega Man return to Dr. Wily’s fortress, last seen in Issue #4, there is still a hole in the wall where Mega Man initially entered the facility
– Ice Man and Cut Man constantly bicker with each other, often using ice and cutting related puns to takes jabs at one another
– The cover of this issues shows Mega Man and Bomb Man battling CWU-01P, the robot in the bubble, underwater. In the story, Bomb Man isn’t even with Mega Man when he encounters this threat

Dr. Light turns himself in to the police

Mega Man returns home to find Roll has been kidnapped


Mega Man Issue #7


Coming up empty handed from searching Dr. Wily’s fortress, Mega Man and company regroup with Agent Krantz and the rest of the Robot Masters. With some intel given by Dr. Light, Mega Man, Agent Krantz, and all six Robot Masters travel to a location that Wily may be hiding out in. Even with their combined powers, Wily’s genius and Time Man and Oil Man’s abilities may prove to be too much to handle.

References to the video game series

– A Telly, first seen in the game Mega Man II, is seen providing surveillance for Dr. Wily
– Cut Man and Ice Man aid Mega Man in his underwater battle with CWU-01P. This may be a nod to the ability to play as the Robot Masters in Mega Man: Powered Up, where the CWU-01P originated
– Elec Man’s static electricity interrupts Time Man’s time manipulation. In Mega Man: Powered Up, it is Elec Man’s powers that Time Man is weak against
– In Agent Stern’s office hangs a wanted poster for Mr. X. Dr. Wily’s pseudonym in Mega Man VI is Mr. X
– Dr. Wily is seen standing atop the escape ship he uses in many games, notably the blue and yellow hued ship from Mega Man III


– Oil Man’s initial role before becoming one of Wily’s evil robots was to clean up oil spills. Time Man’s was simply time manipulation
– Time Man’s clock face on his chest reads approximately 1:55 when he is taking down Fire Man. All other instances of his clock read 3:00. This may be an indicator that he can only use his time manipulation power for set amounts of time, as determined by his chest’s clock

Mega Man battles the CWU-01P

Cut Man is off his game


Mega Man Issue #8


The battle has begun, as Mega Man has to face off not only against Time Man and Oil Man, but supposedly all six reprogrammed original Robot Masters as well! Yeesh! Agent Krantz and Mega Man team up to take down Wily and his evil hench-robots in the conclusion of the Time Keeps Slipping storyline.

References to the video game series

– Fire Man takes down Oil Man. In Mega Man: Powered Up Oil Man is weak against Fire Man’s power
– Wily escapes in his flying capsule, much like he does in many classic Mega Man games
– Mega Man’s robotic dog Rush’s helmet is seen on a table in the background of Light Laboratories
– All eight Robot Masters from Mega Man II are shown off as Dr. Wily’s newest creations in the issue’s final page: Bubble Man, Flash Man, Quick Man, Metal Man, Wood Man, Air Man, Heat Man, and Crash Man


– Elec Man tells Mega Man and Dr. Wily that after they were reprogrammed the first time, Dr. Light installed mechanisms to ensure the Robot Masters could no longer be tampered with or otherwise turned evil by one of Wily’s modifications
– Time Man is aware of the puns Cut Man constantly uses, telling him, “Let’s see you make your stupid puns now!” as he stops him in time
– Ice Man blushes as he tells Roll he’s glad she’s safe, another mention of his liking of the girl robot
– A helmet-less Proto Man/Blues hides out on the roof of Light Laboratory, listening in to the conversation below
– When Dr. Wily begins making the new Robot Masters, he enters a door marked “Lab 02.” The eight Robot Masters he creates are the Robot Masters from Mega Man II


 Volume 2’s Short Circuits

“Short Circuits” are funny, one-shot comics that are included with each issue. Taking up a few panel and fitting on just one page, each “Short Circuit” tells one or two lighthearted jokes, often relating to Mega Man lore or fandom.

Issue #5: Proto Man reads the script of past issues and thinks he’s in the issue only to be disappointed.

Issue #6: Time Man is Dr. Wily’s alarm clock, and Guts Man is Dr. Wily’s “Snooze Man.”

Issue #7: Agent Stern’s history of disliking technology, even a toaster, is detailed.

Issue #8: Oil Man is eating with Roll and makes a bad joke.

Mega Man Volume 2: Time Keeps Slipping is an entirely original story in the Mega Man universe, and it’s a pretty good one. I liked the incorporation of Mega Man: Powered Up characters and elements, especially coming off of the last volume which told the story of the original Mega Man. Again, the color and animation steal the show; though the pencils were done by different artist than the first volume, they still completely capture the look and feel of the Mega Man world. Instead of simply moving on from the original six Robot Masters, they all have roles in this story and I really liked that. They are cool characters with neat powers and deserve to be in the spotlight more than just one volume. The bonuses included with this volume, like the variant art covers, concept sketches, and especially the script and penciled pages are great additions that let us peer into the comic creation process, albeit a tiny portion. Overall this is another solid adventure for Mega Man and pals, and only leaves you (and me!) wanting much, much more.

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