Sonic Archives vol 2

Volume 2 of Sonic Archives tells a wide variety of tales, including a retelling of the classic story “A Christmas Carol,” a dedicated retelling of the video game Sonic Spinball, and even a Halloween based story. There’s a handful of firsts in this volume as well, including the first time we hear mention of Sonic’s Uncle Chuck. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll be amazed they fit in a Steve Urkel reference!

Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #5


Olympics Trials and Error
Robotnik has constructed a huge stadium to hold Olympic style games for the Freedom Fighters to compete in with a huge prize: if Sonic and pals win Robotnik will return planet Mobius to normal. Should they lose though, they will each be turned into mindless robots! Naturally Robotnik has a scheme or two up his sleeve to turn the tides in his favor

Chomp on this, Chump!
Rotor is excited by an advertisement showing off a new ant farm and happily orders a set for himself. What he gets though is a robotic termite sent by none other than Dr. Robotnik! When the termite eats, it grows bigger and bigger, devouring everything made of wood in its path.


– Antoine wants to enter the fencing portion of the Robotnik Olympics. This is the first reference to Antoine’s expertise in swords
– Robotnik replacing Sonic’s sneakers to slow him down would be later used as the main plot of Sonic Labyrinth (Source)
– The first reference of Rotor’s liking of ant farms

Most Punny Moment

Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #6


The Spin Doctor
This story is a retelling of sorts of the events that take place in the Genesis video game Sonic Spinball. Robotnik has relocated his headquarters in a volcanic mountain and Sonic ventures into his labyrinth to put an end to Robotniks plans.

Sonic’s Christmas Carol
A retelling of the classic Christmas story “A Christmas Carol.” Robotnik plays the role of Scrooge, and he visits the three ghosts of Christmas, played by the Sonic crew.


The Spin Doctor is the first story dedicated entirely to retelling a story from a video game
– Level 1 (Toxic Cave) and Level 2 (Lava Powerhouse) from Sonic Spinball are featured. The dragon that roams the water in Toxic Cave, in the comic called Rexxon, the Toxic Cave boss (Scorpius), the kangaroos from Lava Powerhouse (called Hip and Hop), and the Robotnik shaped volcano from the cover all make appearances
– Rotor is correctly called “Rotor” for the first time, and will no longer be referred to as Boomer
– Marks the first appearance of Robotnik’s nephew Snively, though only in the non-canon story
– Also marks the first appearance of Sonic’s Uncle Chuck, but in non-canon form

Most Punny Moment

Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #7


Uncle Chuck’s Treasure
Tails accidentally uncovers a treasure map hidden by Sonic’s Uncle Chuck. The Freedom Fighters decide to see what Sonic’s uncle buried, but not before Robotnik gets wind of the Freedom Fighters’ adventure.

Sorceress in Distress
Sally sets off on her own to find a stick to complete her sorceress costume. Finding a stick she thinks to be magical, Robotnik sees her magical abilities and decides she is the woman of his dreams. Sonic has to hurry, before Robotnik marries his girl!


– The first canon appearance of Uncle Chuck, albeit in just a hanging picture
– It is mentioned that Uncle Chuck is an inventor
– The Freedom Fighters have a costume party: Rotor is a bad report card, Tails is a two-tailed skunk, Sally is a sorceress, Sonic is a bush of poison ivy, and Antoine is a devil
– Sally thinks her stick is magical, but it is revealed to have just been a coincidence. This isn’t the last reference to magic however, as Mobius does indeed have magical animals and items that are found later in the series
– Robotnik states that he could star in his own comic book and television series, breaking the fourth wall again
– Sally kisses Sonic for the first time

Most Punny Moment

Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #8


Bot’s All Folks
Robotnik gets the idea to create robot superheroes to defeat Sonic and the Freedom Fighters. It appears to be a victorious idea at first, but Sonic isn’t defeated that easily.

A Little Song Goes A Long Way
The Freedom Fighters try to express their musical talents and head over to an abandoned concert hall to perform. Robotnik gets wind of this and shrinks the Freedom Fighters down to miniscule proportions.


Bot’s All Folks does parodies of several famous comic book heroes, including Batman (as Botman), Wolverine, Spawn, Magnus the Sorcerer, Captain Marvel, and Mighty Mouse
– Crabmeat shows Robotnik his stack of comics. The first comic cover seen is that of Sonic the Hedgehog.
– The robot Wolvurkel is modeled after Steve Urkel, the nerdy character from the TV show “Family Matters.” The actor who plays Urkel is Jaleel, White, who voices Sonic the Hedgehog in the television adaptation of the series/comic. In this issue, Sonic comments that the Wolvurkel robot sounds familiar.
– The first canon appearance of Snively

Most Punny Moment


Volume 2 is a better collection of stories than Volume 1 because it offers tons more variety. The inclusion of the Sonic Spinball story is a great tie-in to fans of the game. The Freedom Fighters have their stories and backgrounds fleshed out more in this volume: for instance, Sally’s willpower to get things done on her own, and Rotor’s ant farm hobby. The coloring of each issue is of much higher grade this time too: pages are much fuller of content and color. A lot of mainstays make show up first in this collection, including Snively and Uncle Chuck. This is also the first volume to include a bonus section at the end of the book. A “Who’s Who” section that gives some detail to each new character we see in the previous stories. It’s a nice addition that acts as a glossary of sorts for the series. An improvement over the first and a good look at what is to come.

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