Sonic Archives vol 3

There’s a lot going on in volume 3 of the Sonic Archives: we’re introduced to some characters we’re never going to see again (or at least not yet!), we see the first appearance of Evil Sonic, and there are plenty of silly shenanigans the Freedom Fighters get themselves in to. These issues also have an absurd number of puns: I think the publishers realized this, as the amount of puns from here on out is a bit more tame. Keep in mind, I said “A bit more tame.”

Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #9


Pseudo Sonic
Robotnik creates a robotic version of Sonic dubbed Pseudo Sonic, complete with all the hedgehog’s speed and skills. Making matters worse, the real sonic accidentally wandered into a poison sumac patch and becomes unconscious. Believing the robo-sonic to be the real hedgehog, Pseudo Sonic seems poised to spoil the entire future of Knothole Village and planet Mobius!

What’s the Point?
Sonic finds an injured animal in the forest and brings it back to Knothole Village, where the Freedom Fighters are currently celebrating Sally’s birthday. Thinking the animal may be a trap from Robotnik, Sally forces Sonic to take the animal back into the forest. Little did she know Robotnik has bigger plans for the Freedom Fighters than a small animal…


– The first appearance of Pseudo Sonic, the robotic replica of Sonic
– When questioned why he let the obviously fake Sonic into the secret entrance to Knothole Village, Antoine says “he was drawn in silhouette,” suggesting it was the fault of the artist of the comic
– The animal Sonic befriends in the forest is a Mobian Needle Bird: half-bird, half-porcupine
– In What’s the Point?, Sonic pulls aside the reader and points out all the tree puns they could make during the issue, breaking the fourth wall.

Most Punny Moment

Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #10


Revenge of the Nerbs
When Sonic and the Freedom Fighters get trapped by Robotnik, it looks like all is domed until the gang is saved by a strange race of creatures called the Nerbs. Reluctant to move from their underground safe zone, the Nerbs must help Sonic and pals defeat Robotnik’s dastardly digging machine or face extermination!

Twan With the Wind
When Antoine takes the Freedom Fighters up in his hot air balloon to enjoy a peaceful day, Robotnik decides it’s the perfect time to strike! With his ego hurt, Antoine vows to prove his worth to the Freedom Fighters by rescuing them from a botched-by-Robotnik picnic


– The first issue where Antoine speaks with his signature French accent. All previous issue his dialogue was written with a plain English accent.
– Antoine references his past work with the King of Mobius for the first time
– The title Revenge of the Nerbs is a play on the movie title Revenge of the Nerds. The story has many references to nerds as well, with the Freedom Fighters often confusing the name of the race of creatures with the word “Nerd.” Sally states at the end of the story, “It’s the Revenge of the Nerbs.”
– When Sonic is in the Mobius sewers he runs across the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Leonardo says they are in the wrong sewer, to which Michelangelo suggests they may be in the wrong comic

Most Punny Moment

Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #11


The Good, the Bad, and the Hedgehog
Sonic takes the Cosmic Interstate to get to Sally and the others faster, but ends up in a whole new plane of existence. In this bizarro Mobius everything is flipped, meaning Robotnik is a good doctor, and Sonic is evil! The good Sonic has to not only get back to his own world, but deal with Evil Sonic as well!

Beat the Clock
Coconuts the monkey, one of Robotnik’s baddies, has developed a new plan to eliminate Sonic. Having already captured the other Freedom Fighters, Coconuts reviews all of Robotnik’s past mistakes and thinks he has discovered just how to beat Sonic.

Food For Thought or You Are What You Eat
After a late night chili dog binge, Sonic has a nightmare in which all of the characters in Mobius have been transformed into food! And now the Hamburger-Robotnik has captured the French Fry Tails!


– The first time Sonic, or anyone for that matter, takes the Cosmic Interstate
– Other roads in the Cosmic Interstate say “Penny Lane,” and “Abbey Road,” referencing Beatles’ songs. Sonic also says, “No time to take a magical mystery tour,” also referencing Beatles music.
– A third road is called, “Lois Lane,” a reference to Superman’s love interest.
– The first appearance of Evil Sonic, Good Robotnik, and Anti-Mobius
– Seen only in a thought bubble are images of the evil versions of Antoine, Sally, Rotor, and Tails
– Another kiss for Sonic from Sally
– The return of Coconuts the monkey. Sonic is also seen beating up old baddies Scratch and Grounder
– When Sonic leaps through the window he is singing the Mighty Mouse theme song: “Here I come to save the day!”
– In Food For Though or You Are What You Eat, Sonic is a chili dog, Sally is an ice cream cone, Tails is a box of french fries, and Robotnik is a burger. Strangely, the only character to appear in the dream and not be depicted as food is Coconuts, but he is eating a banana.
– It is revealed to be Sonic’s birthday at the end of his nightmarish dream

Most Punny Moment

Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #12


A Timely Arrival
When Robotnik sends Sonic back in time to the Stone Age, the blue blur receives help from a prehistoric ancestor who has his own nemesis to battle. But the real problem is how Sonic’s going to get back to his own time and help his friends!

Bold-Headed Eagle
Sonic takes a shortcut and accidentally lands in the nest of a cranky old eagle. Robotnik and Snively discover their location and send a massive ram robot to destroy Sonic and his Eagle friend.

The Lynx is a Jinx
The Freedom Fighters rescue a small lynx from high up in a tree, only to discover that the little cat is bad luck! Anyone who comes into contact with the creature seems to have his day turn completely upside down. But perhaps Sonic can use that to his own advantage…


– Mobius has a form of television called Robotnik Belly-Vision, and Sally is a fan of soap operas
– First appearance of Sonic’s ancestor, Sonic the Bog Hog
– First appearance of Robotnik’s ancestor, Ivo Robughnik
– Sonic convinces the ancient Freedom Fighters to get to the surface world and get some fresh air. He also convinces them to plant some bushes and trees, implying the creation of present day Mobius’ Great Forest.
– The Freedom Fighters steal the time machine from Robotnik

Most Punny Moment


The stories in Volume 3 are excellent, front to back. Each issue blends a story of light-hearted feeling with one of more serious topics. The first appearance of Evil Sonic is a nice introduction too, as he is one of the more interesting villains for the entire series (you’ll definitely see more of him later). Food For Thought is also one of my personal favorite stories, because it is just ridiculous enough and has some great artwork. Included with the standard “Who’s who” at the end of the volume, series artist Pat “Spaz” Spaziante takes us through how he creates a cover for each volume of Sonic Archives. It’s a nice touch and very welcome extra that I’m saddened they don’t do more of. Each consecutive volume up to this point has gotten better, and Volume 3 is a fantastic collection of early Sonic stories.

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