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Worth Playing vol. 8: The Crossover Collection

Wolvering vs Ryu Art

Crossovers are the best fan service gamers can get. The blending of popular IPs into one unique game usually gets fans in a fever, finally being able to play as Sonic the Hedgehog in a Mario-themed game. Or finally being able to see who would win between the X-Man Wolverine and the Street Fighter Ryu. The opportunities for creating these scenarios is endless, but despite this we don’t get too many crossover games. Maybe it has something to do with publishing rights, company egos, or (most likely) money, but whatever the culprit may be, there are still a handful of crossover video games that are a hell of a lot of fun to play, and totally worth your time!

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Gaming News: 11/10/12

Get your wallets reader everyone, Black Friday is almost upon us. And with that not only comes leftover turkey and delicious desserts for the upcoming weekend, but also great deals on video games! Many big retailers have released their advertisements for the shopping event, so you’d better start planning where you’re going, what you’re going to get, and how you’re going to deal with all those other people waiting in front of you in line! My suggestion? Don’t make a scene.

Also this week, two bits of information concerning everyone’s favorite Disney-owned series Star Wars, as well as an alert to collector’s looking for games that are soon-to-be-hard-to-find.
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Gaming News: 10/13/12

Darkstalkers is coming back. Even if it is in a re-release, at least it’s something for fans to hold on to!

Also this week, there were ups and downs for Borderlands 2 players, including an early release of some DLC, a bug that erased some players game data, and then an announcement for even newer DLC next week!

And if you frequented SlickGaming this past week and enjoyed my Pokemon posts, then you’ll be entertained by a unique parody game by PETA concerning the ethical treatment of Pokemon animals. Read the rest of this entry »

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