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Five Years of Slick Gaming!

A Winner Is You

Time moves fast, doesn’t it?

To put it into perspective, I went into this article thinking it was going to be a four year anniversary, but in fact it’s been five years since I started this blog! Five whole years! In terms of major gaming news alone, Slick Gaming has seen the end of the seventh generation of consoles, gotten half-way through the eighth generation, saw the 3DS rise to power from it’s humble beginnings, and is officially older than Minecraft!

And as strange as this is to say… Slick Gaming is ending.

Super Mario Bros The End

Well… not really!

I’m happy to announce that I’ve officially found hosting and a true domain for my blog, and am no longer using for my content!

I know it won’t have the blogroll and backing of this site, but I implore you all to continue to follow my adventures on my new official site:

Here you’ll find every post from this SlickGaming site, and then some! If you were wondering why I’ve been quiet on here, it’s because I’ve been focusing on creating content over there! Just like this blog, it’s a work in progress, and I’m enjoying finding what the site and theme can do, and how I can use them in new, creative, and different ways!

While this is the end for SlickGaming, it isn’t the end of Jason! I’ll keep on writing, I’ll keep on making videos, I’ll definitely keep on collecting games, and I’ll for sure be enjoying games for a long time to come!

Mega Man Waving

To all the friends I’ve made while working here, I ask that you still follow me at DownStab! I’ll still hang around here to read your content, and I love chatting with all of you! But if you want to hear more from me, check out the new site!

And who knows, maybe I’ll still post some good stuff on here, just for kicks! Thanks guys, you’ve all been great!


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Four Years of Slick Gaming

Mega Man 4 ArtEvery year I am always astonished to write one of these posts. And every year I swear these posts come up faster than the year prior.

Happy Fourth Anniversary to Slick Gaming!

When thinking of what to do with this minor milestone, Laura and I couldn’t really come up with anything spectacular. The best four player games? The best series with at least 4 entries? The best characters with only four fingers?! Yeah, all interesting ideas, but nothing really relating to a four year anniversary.


So what is four year anniversary worthy?

Well, thanking all of you, of course!Super Mario World Thank You

In four years this little blog has done so much: it’s gone from a simple place to log all my reviews for Inside Gaming Daily (May it rest in peace), to a resource for game collecting management, to a hub for my other gaming blogs, and to a place where I can simply speak freely about video games!

When I look back at the site, I still think of how exciting it was to first start out. I was (and in many ways still am) an amateur at blogging, but I always found it fun to create new posts. Even still I love seeing others comment on my content, leave me feedback on how to make things better, or simply just saying, “Yeah, that was such a cool game!” That kind of stuff fuels my motivation and really makes me want to continue Slick Gaming for years and years to come!

I’ve said it quite literally every year around this time, but I’ll say it again: I’m still looking to do more with the blog! I hear a lot of folks say life gets in the way of their creative outlets, but for me even if I’m not writing about something here I’m likely playing something new in my free time. Laura and I have been enjoying the heck out of Splatoon, for example, and we frequently have friends over to play Mario Party or board games! And whatever we’re doing, even if it’s not entirely related to gaming, I always have this thought in the back of my mind how it’ll make for a good post. Or I’ll write something down because it’s a good idea for a later revision. And if you follow my blog here at all you know I’m still purchasing new games like it’s nobody’s business.

Links Awakening ArtNone of that would exist if it wasn’t for you: the fans. If I can even call you that. Is it safe to say I have fans? A few of you on here constantly read my stuff, and I’m eternally grateful! And you guys have some truly awesome content as well!

Jett over at inthirdperson is a friend and a colleague! If you’re looking for a mix of video games, comics, and board games, check out his blog. Fresh content weekly, and tons of new games to occupy your time!

The Martian Oddity has a fun corner of the internet all to his own! I really enjoy reading his game pickup posts, because we share a similar bond in collecting. And I like any outlet where I can learn about new games!

Eric at The Warning Sign is my oldest follower, and he runs a blog collecting all kinds of fun stuff about movies, games, and more! Classy, all the way through, and a real sign of personal blogging excellence!

Paul at Grinding Down has maintained an online journal of all his escapades into a digital world. A blog chronicling your own video game life is pretty awesome, so check it out!

So here’s to Four Years at Slick Gaming!

2015 has plenty of awesome games coming out, and I plan on being there to enjoy most of them (my wallet, not so much). Thank you again for the continued support and encouragement.

Let’s see what Five years of Slick Gaming can do!

Happy Anniversary,


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Three Years of Slick Gaming

Mario vs Donkey Kong ArtWhere does the time go?

I was thinking a lot about this year’s anniversary of Slick Gaming. Unlike last year I actually remembered it was coming up. Despite this, I still haven’t thought of any particularly unique ways to talk about myself. Laura recommended doing something which incorporates the number three, which is actually a grand idea. I think the threes theme will make it a fun retrospective!

Top 3 Success of Slick Gaming

Over the past three years here at Slick Gaming I’ve seen a huge amount of progress, as well as many ambitions yet to come to fruition. Around year two I started the video section of the blog, creating the Modern Classics, Free Play, and Video Reviews areas of this blog. While they have been on the downside as of late (late being last year!), I still yearn to get around to them. Honestly, I always have a lot of fun making these videos, I just find it challenging to get the time to get them done. Even so, I still have a very big desire to continue work on these specific series’. I’ve even debated working full time on this blog, in hopes that my videos would take off and I could sustain myself and Laura on YouTube/Google revenue. That would be the day…Sonic the Hedgehog Art

More recently than the video reviews series, I started the Game Hunter series. Focused solely on video game collecting, Game Hunter is meant to be a resource for aspiring and avid video game collectors. What started as a video series evolved into written articles as well, both of which offer tips and advice on how to start a collection, what to look for in games, and some clarification on terms game collectors use. The video series was met with a great response, and I am continuing to write/script more episodes to this day! I wanted to offer something new to the gaming world with these videos, and I feel like I have been achieving that with each entry, so definitely look forward for more!

When I first started writing this blog back in 2011, I had the intention of using it as a means to catalog all of my video game work. Videos, reviews, articles, game collecting stuff, all in one place. I never thought I would be sitting here three years later maintaining three separate blogs, a couple of social media accounts, and a registered domain name to advance in the future! Slick Anthology has been on the sidelines for sometime now, but I still put way too much work into it to let that go away. A World of Games got a complete redesign less than a month ago and looks better than ever (with new content arriving steadily, including videos!). The YouTube channel has been picking up steam with the more content I put on it, as well as this weird Google+ integration that has suddenly happened. I find myself using Twitter solely to talk about video games and promote awesome content from myself and others. While all of these blogs are currently all over the place, I’ve started taking steps to unite them all under one brand. I’ve already registered a domain name ( to become the new hub for Jason, Slick Gaming, and all my works. I’m looking forward to getting that up and running within the year!

Mega Man Powered UpTop 3 Upcoming Projects For Slick Gaming

It seems like every year I have projects I am working on, or at least want to start working on, to make Slick Gaming an even better place. This year is no exception. I want to start by reviving the Comics section of this blog. I’ve still been reading comics based on gaming characters (coincidentally the two series’ I’m reading recently had a crossover event!) and want to expand my thoughts on the medium and give you my own thoughts. There are other video game comics as well, so if nothing else this will give me an excuse to start reading those as well!

I have been debating if I should include a Board Games section on this blog, or at least include a few articles about the games I’ve played. Board games are pretty big amongst my friends and family here, so much so that this past June for my birthday I received an equal amount of video games and board games as gifts! I think the mainstream appeal of the more complicated (so non-party like) board games has picked up, so it might be the right time to step into that circle.

My biggest project this year is one that I have already begun and just need to dedicate more time to completing: YouTube. I really want to be more active on YouTube. I want more reviews/shows for series I have already created, as well as general gameplay videos and possibly Let’s Plays. I recently activated a Twitch account, and bought myself a sweet new video capture card, so the only excuse for not getting it done now is on me. Here’s to a year of solid video related content!

Super Mario Bros EndingThank you to everyone that has read and enjoyed my blogs over the years! It’s funny for me to think that three years ago I wrote my very first article here, and to think how much this site has evolved since then. I’m looking to the future, hoping that I can say that exact same phrase next year, and the year after, and the year after, and one day on some random anniversary I can say that Slick Gaming is everything I wanted it to be and more. Until then, thank you all, and game on!

Happy Anniversary!


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