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Review: Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition CoverWhen Baldur’s Gate first released on the PC back in 1998, BioWare had created one of the most beloved and recognizable games to bear the Dungeons & Dragons license, as well as one of the most finely crafted RPG experiences to date.

Fast forward nearly 14 years to the day and we are given Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, a reworked version of the game that hammers out a multitude of bugs found in the original release, as well as introduces brand new characters, storylines, and modes to play through. But for all the accolades it received in the late 90s, how well does the once mighty Baldur’s Gate stand up to RPG juggernauts like Dragon Age: Origins in today’s gaming world? Read the rest of this entry »

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This Week in Gaming News: 7/21/12 – 7/27/12

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I am a fan of RPGs.

So it’s fitting that this week is full of RPG news.

Baldur’s Gate, Final Fantasy XIV, and even my old friend World of Warcraft.


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Sunday Roundup: 7/15/12

What could be better than finding a fantastic gaming deal at Goodwill?

Finding TWO fantastic gaming deals at Goodwill in one week!

Last week’s protip was about hitting up thrift stores to score good games at low prices. This week’s protip is a reiteration of a past tip: always look at thrift stores.

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