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Sunday Roundup: 11/9/14

New Games (11-9-14)I can officially say the craziness of the eBay auctions has officially ended this week. The last couple of orders have come in, and there is only one more game that I’ve ordered that I’m waiting on (which should have been here by now, because I ordered it well over two weeks ago). This week was also special because a coworker of mine actually gave me some of her old, albeit beat up, Sega Saturn games! And Laura and I made a trip to San Jose we don’t commonly make, and I was able to secure a copy of a game to finish up a DS trilogy. All around a fun week in collecting! Read the rest of this entry »


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Sunday Roundup: 10/14/12

I have a small confession to make: this is a culmination of two weeks worth of games. I was unable to get my Sunday Roundup done last week on time, and as you’ll see I had plenty of games to put together a solid week’s worth of titles for you all. But one thing lead to another and I wasn’t able to publish my weekly article. But fear not! The Sunday Roundup has not gone away, and it is back, better than ever. Or at least it’s back. Being better is totally subjective.


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