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Games I Wish I Were Better At Playing

Killer Instinct 3 Banner

While growing up, I idolized how well my brother played fighting games. Mortal Kombat II, Killer Instinct, and Street Fighter II were way too tough for me, but seeing Phil take on M. Bison and come out victorious, or somehow land Killer Combo after Killer Combo in KI was like watching a professional basketball player land 3-pointers one after another. I’d try my hand at the games, and while I did develop some skill (even enough in some games to overcome my brother/rival), I was never able to get where I wanted to get. And after a couple of decades I’ve added even more games to that list of games I wish I were better at. So here they are, and in no particular order, the video games I wish I were better at. Read the rest of this entry »


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Review: Xotic

The concept was sound: combining the drive for a high score seen in arcade games with the intensity of a first-person shooter. The execution and end result probably looked better on paper than it actually turned out. Xotic (pronounced “Exotic”, because E’s are apparently overrated) is an indie Xbox 360 title that attempts to blend the above mentioned genres together, but instead shows us why some things don’t mix as planned.



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Gameplay Vault: Xotic

Xotic is a first-person shooter/arcade style hybrid game released for the Xbox 360. The game is indie in design, but has a lot going for it, including relatively high production values and an interesting premise to say the least. Unfortunately the game just doesn’t work as well as it should. I recorded some gameplay for you all to see, and you can hear my commentary about the game as well. Check it out…



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Sunday Roundup: 11/27/11

Black Friday sales are the greatest. You can get great (or not so great) games on the cheap! If you hurry to GameStop this weekend you can still catch some of these games, too!




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Review: SCUF DareDeVL Pro Xbox 360 Controller

Having the competitive edge in multiplayer tends to lead to victory. If you’re already the perfect sniper who knows the entire map by heart, or if you’re a one-man army who can destroy the entire opposition by yourself then you’ve already got the skills to be one of the elite players. But what about your controller? The vanilla Xbox 360 controller could be the one thing holding you back from true epicness in Call of Duty, Battlefield, or Halo: Reach. SCUF gaming has the definitive controller for all your shooting needs, and it doesn’t take a CoD master to use one.

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