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Game of the Week: Frogger (PS1)

Frogger (PS1) CoverThis week’s featured game is Frogger on the PS1.

While the arcade game is a classic in every sense of the word, Frogger on the PS1 is as far from a classic as one can get. If you’re one that can’t stand animal, or in this case reptilian, cruelty, then you should avoid this game at all costs.

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Sunday Roundup: 2/17/13

New Games (2-17-13)This week was planned. I thought to myself, “Jason, you’re gonna go out there, find some cheap-ass games, and you’re going to buy them.” I actually decided this. Usually I refrain from splurging on games like this, convincing myself I don’t need the game, even if it is $3, which many of these games were (if not less). But I was in a buying mood, and, thankfully, many places were in the selling spirit! And wouldn’t you know it, there were even some surprises in this week’s roundup!


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