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Video Review: Mad Dog McCree: Gunslinger Pack

I recorded this audio and cut the video over a year ago, but for this, that, and the other I was never able to put it up on YouTube. Because of this, the audio is a bit low as to avoid the ambient noise my old microphone picked up. Aside form that, this is a fresh new video review for your viewing pleasure!


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Sunday Roundup: 9/14/14

Honeycomb Beat CoverHoneycomb Beat
Release Date: March 27th, 2007
Purchased at: Online (Amazon – $4)

In my usual perusing of Amazon’s wares I discovered this game was only $4, with Prime shipping! A brand new game for less than $5 is always a great deal, especially when it’s a game I’m genuinely curious about. Honeycomb Beat is a rhythm game that uses hexagons and tapping on the touch screen to keep the rhythm. Reviews are pointing out the game isn’t the greatest and may be better off as a minigame in a bigger collection of games, but I’m still very happy to call it my own!

NATM wii LINERMad Dog Mccree: Gunslinger Pack
Release Date: June 16th, 2009
Purchased at: Online (eBay – $8)

Call me crazy, but I’ve been eying this game for a long time now. Searching through Amazon’s listings, GameStop’s relatively useless online directory, and finally eBay’s hit-or-miss auctions, I was finally able to track down the game on someone’s poorly listed auction. I say poorly listed because they didn’t show any pictures an instead opted to just give descriptions of the product. Thankfully, the game is complete, albeit with a few stickers that’ll have to be removed, but that’s it. Mad Dog McCree itself is a collection of live-action shooting games from the 90’s. So yeah, it’s gonna be bad.



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