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Review: Men in Black: Alien Crisis

The Men in Black have the coolest jobs. They get to interact with every alien race out there, from gigantic bugs to squid-like humanoids, and they use the most high-tech gadgets and weaponry. I mean, yeah, there’s the constant threat of Earth’s imminent destruction, the danger of getting killed any given second, and the fear of some extra terrestrials going crazy and disintegrating you, but aside from that everything’s peachy. So why isn’t being in the MIB that awesome in Men in Black: Alien Crisis for the PS3?


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Sunday Roundup: 5/27/12

It’s been a busy week, but not so much in terms of gaming. Scratch that, I’ve actually clocked in quite a bit of time in games this week, but most of that has gone into Diablo III, which is every bit worth my time as anything else.

My sole game purchase this week came in the form of a new game to review. It’s my first movie-based game I’ve had the chance to review. That being said, my expectations weren’t high.


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