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Modern Classics: Picross 3D

The concept is simple: you’re given a row of cubes that seemingly form a simple shape. But etch away specific cubes and you start to reveal a hidden picture. That’s it. That’s the entire setup for Picross 3D, a puzzle game for the Nintendo DS released in 2010. With the perfect blend of easy and difficult, fun and challenging, and simply addictive nature, Picross 3D is one of the best puzzle games on the DS, and one of the best puzzle games to come out this side of Tetris.


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Sunday Roundup: 11/25/12

Miss a few weeks of the Sunday Roundup and I’ve got to get back in a big way I suppose. I knew there were some great game deals out there for Black Friday at big retailers like Best Buy,, and Wal-Mart, but in the confusion and craziness that is the kickoff of the holiday shopping season, I completely looked past a local store that just so happens to sell video games from decades past. And did I luck out by checking their sales as well. Let’s just say that 20% off and buy 1 get 1 sales make me a happy collector!

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