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Sunday Roundup: 6/10/12

I’m so close. So close to my 1000th game. Actually, I couldn’t be any closer: this week I acquired 11 new titles, and that eleventh title was my 999th overall.

I was out shopping with my girlfriend in Indianapolis and found most of these titles. Sure, there were plenty of games that I wanted to grab as well as the ones I did, but something was holding me back. Some sort of feeling that my 1000th has to be something special. Regardless, I should be receiving a new title to review this week as well, making that my 1000th. Time will tell, but for now, here’s this week’s haul.

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Worth Playing vol. 3: Puzzle Game Madness

I did it for one of my favorite genres (the fighter) and I’ve got to do it for another genre close to my heart, the puzzle game. Whether you’re connecting colored gems, filling in gaps, solving brain teaser, or shooting shiny balls at other shiny balls, the puzzle game is a staple to the video game community that isn’t going anywhere. And with so many excellent games to sink your teeth into it can be hard to determine which games offer the best challenge, the most addictive gameplay, and the most satisfaction upon completion. Vol 3 of Worth Playing is here, so let’s get this underway.

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