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Sunday Roundup: 1/20/13

New Games (1-20-13)The first proper Sunday Roundup of the year. That feels good to say.

What’s also good is being able to explore new cities and raid the local game shops for whatever hasn’t been cleared out already. In this case that means two shops with a huge backlog of games (some good, many more not so good) I added to my collection. I’m still working on completing that Dreamcast collection, so that’s making up a hefty portion of this weeks haul. Other than Sega’s finest, I’ve got a handful of haggled-for PS1 titles.

Also of note, I returned to the same Goodwill store I went to around this time last year where I procured two still-in-box NES games. This time around, there were complete Japanese PSP games. Excellent find as well. Read the rest of this entry »


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