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Review: Rochard

I remember when the Xbox Live Arcade title Shadow Complex released in 2009 and thinking, “Man, I wish I had an Xbox to play that!” I didn’t regret purchasing my PS3, but I felt sad that I couldn’t play the Metroidvania-style action game. Fast forward to 2011 and PS3 owners get their own exclusive side-scrolling Metroidvania type game in the form of Rochard. Combining the action of retro side-scrollers, an upgrade system reminiscent of the Metroid series, and a heavy emphasis on physics puzzle solving, Rochard is a fantastic downloadable title that PS3 owners should be proud to call an exclusive.

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Sunday Roundup: 10/2/11

Only two downloaded titles come through this week as new purchases. The first is The Binding of Isaac, an indie title released on Steam from part of the creative team behind Super Meat Boy. The second is a PSN exclusive adventure-shooter Rochard, that I can only describe as the PS3’s Shadow Complex with more puzzles.

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