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Review: Bravely Default

Bravely Default Cast Art

From time to time we are graced with a video game so elegantly and flawlessly done that it lays the groundwork for all future games in its genre. When the original Final Fantasy was released on the NES it was like no other RPG before it, shaping how turnbased role playing games would be done for years to come. While as of late the Final Fantasy series has gone in every direction imaginable, it seems only fitting that a game so heavily influenced by the earlier games should come along to remind us just how excellent the traditional JRPG can be. Bravely Default on the Nintendo 3DS brings innovation to the genre and is a celebration of everything that made those early JRPGs beloved by many.

Oh man…

I haven’t played a turn-based RPG for a loooong time that I enjoyed as much as Bravely Default.

The small tweaks and edits you can make to the game really make this one stand out. Creating your own (essentially) Limit Breaks, customizing your class with a cross-class ability, and pumping up or turning down the random encounter rate go a long way in making this game excel.

If you enjoyed any turn-based RPG before, or better yet if you fancy yourself an “old school” Final Fantasy fan, then you need to play this game. No question about it.

Read my full review of the excellent Bravely Default on Machinima’s Inside Gaming Daily blog here.


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Anges didn’t know Sex Appeal was actually a lvl. 99 fiend.


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Gaming News: 1/19/13

Disney Infinity ToysTwo pieces of news this week could mean two very different things. Nintendo consolidating its handheld and console divisions could mean struggles at the company, but it could also (and more likely) mean the game company is looking to become more competitve in the growing market. And then there’s Sony’s selling of it’s US headquarters. This could mean seriously bad things for the Japanese giant, but it is likely just a move to ease the financial loses and move forward as a company.

Also this week, there’s some games coming out soon, apparently? Read the rest of this entry »

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Review: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

It was 10 years ago that gamers first picked up the keyblade, battled with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, and met the eager hero Sora in the very first Kingdom Hearts. The newest iteration of the game, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, is a step in the right direction for the action RPG series, introducing new gameplay mechanics, characters, and storylines. Though it’s not Kingdom Hearts 3 that gamers have been so eagerly craving, at least it has a 3 in the title. That counts, right?


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Sunday Roundup: 10/23/11

Just two new games this week. I have been on a serious Spyro kick lately: I’ve bought about seven Spyro games in the last three months. Oh well, it’s not like they’re bad games. Though I suppose most of them aren’t too well regarded either…



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