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Garage Sale Finds!

Garage Sale Games

Admittedly, I don’t get around to all that many garage sales. I really enjoy going out and trying to find treasures in some other person’s trash, but getting time off from work and actually having the day set aside to do so is harder than it sounds. But last week the deal-finding stars aligned, and Laura and I were able to hit up a few garage sales! We were in search of a new-old computer desk (which we did end up finding, although via Craigslist), but that didn’t mean I wasn’t keeping an eye out for games. Though nothing too crazy on this find, it only solidified in my mind that garage sales are a legitimate means to pick up a ton of games on the cheap! Read the rest of this entry »


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Sunday Roundup: 8/26/12

Games, games, and more games!

I said last time that I couldn’t recall any other instance where I came into possession of more games in one week, but it would appear I have outdone myself already. This week I found games from all over the place, and received a few at excellent prices from a friend looking to get rid of them! And this marks the first time where I’ve ever purchased video games from a convention (Gen Con Indy, to be exact), and that is something I’m definitely going to look into more. Let’s get into things then. Read the rest of this entry »


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