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Sunday Roundup: 4/5/15

New Games (4-5-15)Happy Easter everyone!

This week saw a collection of games from Goodwill, eBay, and GameStop. A few of those GameStop games were great finds: games I have wanted to play for a long time and games that were simply a steal for the price. Anytime I can find something at Goodwill is always a treat as well, and this there was even a surprise (literally!) in one of the games I bought. Lastly the games from eBay were part of a lot of loose DS games, but still included some swell finds for a sweet price. Read the rest of this entry »


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My Arcade Experience in California

P1070107While I was growing up, I subscribed to Tips & Tricks magazine. Like most kids I was drawn in with the last half of magazine being dedicated to cheat codes and hints for all my games. Even better was when they pushed out one of their “Code Books” which ditched every written article entirely to house just these cheats. While I was a fan of the codes, I would pretty much read the magazine front to back because there wasn’t any internet in our house to occupy my time otherwise, so this was my only means of gaming related news each month. Being into fighting games since Mortal Kombat II, I was attracted to the one or two page monthly feature ranking the best fighting game players in the US and the rest of the world. These were names that you still hear today, like Ricky Ortiz, Justin Wong, and the phenomenon that is Daigo Umehara. One thing I noticed about some of these players was their location: California. Specifically Sunnyvale, California. In my mind I pegged the cute sounding city as a Mecca for video game arcade fighting. As luck would have it, I happened to fall in love with a girl who lives five minutes away from Sunnyvale, and on top of that we’re looking to move to that exact city! On a recent visit I was able to stop in an arcade that has been on my radar since the Tips & Tricks days as a place the pros played: Golfland USA. The arcade scene is not what it used to be in the 90s and early 2000s, but Golfland has done its best to retain the good ol’ years of the video arcade. Read the rest of this entry »


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Sunday Roundup: 9/16/12 (The Sega Saturn Edition)

This has been a long time coming.

The Sega Saturn has been a distant dream of mine for several, several years. I had no trouble finding the system, in fact I’d say I’ve seen upwards of 10 or more in the wild, but for this reason or that, I never picked one up. Usually the culprit was price: either the console was too expensive or I just wasn’t in a state to buy anything at the time, let alone another game console for me to start a thriving collection.

But I would occasionally check eBay and peruse what people were selling their Saturn and games for, watching a spare auction to get a good price range. For more than five years I’d gander at prices and see Saturns go for hundreds with a few games and controllers (and a fair share of Panzer Dragoon Saga’s sell for over $200 bucks as well!).

But this past week, as luck would have it, everything necessary for me to buy a Sega Saturn fell into place: the right price range, the right games, I actually had extra cash, and some support from close friends and even my mom (of all people!) supported my decision. I was more than thrilled to get my first (yes, my FIRST) taste of the Saturn, and here are the games I was able to sink my hungry teeth into.

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