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Gaming News: 3/9/13

Professor Layton MangaJet called it in a tweet last week: I think we doomed SimCity.

After the game was released it was plagued with issues concerning connectivity, gameplay performance, and more. After talking highly of the series and it’s future on the last Bosscast I am more than upset the game has stumbled right out of the gate.

In other news, there are some games on sale you can swipe if you’re fast. And apparently there’s a Professor Layton manga I can must spend all of my money importing. Read the rest of this entry »

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Now Playing: Christmas Games

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy CoverThere’s always video games on my Christmas list. Ever since I can remember I’ve always asked for a game (usually more than one) for Christmas. Year after year I am always delighted and truly grateful each time I pick up a package that’s in the shape of a game and wonder what it could be. Like a kid with any new toy, after I open up each present all I can think about is how fun it’s going to be to actually play with my new gift. This past week I’ve been lucky enough to not only have some time off work, but also extra free time to sit down and play several of these games already. Check out my latest Sunday Roundup to see each game I so graciously received as a gift for Christmas, but before then check out below how each game I’ve played so far is shaping up. Read the rest of this entry »


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Sunday Roundup: 12/30/12

New Games (12-30-12)Here it is. The final Sunday Roundup of the year.

And what a year it’s been. dozens of great games came out in 2012 (with some included in this week’s Roundup!), and even more stellar games came my way this year as well.

The final Sunday Roundup of 2012 includes not only games I picked up myself throughout the week but also the handful of excellent Christmas gifts I received from family and loved ones. Thank you so much for all the gifts everyone. And now to just play them all 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »


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