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Review: NeverDead

Don’t you hate it when you’re walking down a hallway, minding your own business, and then you brush up against someone else and your limbs go flying off in every possible direction? Such is the pain of Bryce Boltzmann, the protagonist of the new videogame NeverDead, cursed with immortality and charged with defending the world from an onslaught of demons. You’d think controlling a hero incapable of dying and who can re-grow limbs would make for a halfway decent game, but you’d be sorely, sorely wrong.


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Now Playing: NeverDead

The concept for NeverDead, a new action beat ’em up much like the beloved Devil May Cry games, probably went something like this at the Konami studios.

“Let’s make a hero demon-fighter who is cursed with immortality and can never be killed. Now that we’ve established the hero, let’s give him a useless sidekick with big boobs who he has to protect otherwise the game will be over, completely rendering his immortality utterly useless. Oh, and let’s throw in some dull combat, repetitive enemies and levels, and squander any and all hope the game has for being good.”

Okay, maybe I’m being too harsh (and, indeed, I am), but NeverDead could have been SO MUCH MORE than what it is. Read on…

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Sunday Roundup: 10/9/11

Mercury Hg for PSN, Orcs Must Die! for the Xbox, and an on-sale downloadable board game make up this week’s new games.





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