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Worth Playing vol. 1

There’s way too many video games to play. Way too many. While everyone will undoubtedly have their favorites there are certain games that might get passed by that shouldn’t have. Maybe it’s a game that came out while another, bigger game was released. Or perhaps its something you’ve just completely overlooked altogether. In the first volume of Worth Playing I’m looking at a few games that may or may not have flew under your radar but should be considered regardless. Let’s get going.

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Review: Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition

When Street Fighter III: New Generation was first released back in 1997 gamers saw it as a mixed bag. The updated fighting system, visual style, and new roster of combatants was seen by Street Fighter loyalists as a move away from what they liked about the series . Players who gave the game a shot saw that Third Strike was one of the best fighting games ever made. Capcom has given gamers another chance to fight for the future with Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition for the Xbox 360. HD graphics, online play, and a fantastic fighting system make Third Strike Online Edition a must-play for any fighting fan. Read the rest of this entry »

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