Gaming News: 11/3/12

03 Nov

Another exciting week in gaming news, complete with controversy, new games, and even some game save-deleteing bugs! Which are arguably the best kind of bugs (stupid wasps…)

I highlight the integrity of games journalists as the fallout and backlash from one article has taken a small toll on the world of games. And what would it be without some Borderlands 2 news? A shabby week, that’s what!

Oh, and something about George Lucas and Disney? I don’t know if you heard about that either…

Integrity and relationships with games journalists’ was called into question

I am a bit late on reporting this news piece seeing as it happened last weekend, but this is easily the most talked about and debated article I’ve seen in years concerning game journalists. The story surfaced at Eurogamer, where a writer questioned the integrity of any game journalist that could be in the pocket of a game publisher or public relations official. In the article, the writer (Robert Florence) questions how much a publisher can influence a game journalists opinion with freebies like early access to games and the chance to win a free console. The article is a good read, but it is just one person’s opinion about the situation. Anyway, this sparked a lot of controversy from the games journalists’ side, but ultimately brought up a very good point of debate: are game companies peppering up review scores by dishing out swag and freebies to journalists? Unfortunately we may never know the answer to this. I for one can say that myself and everyone that works at Machinima take writing truthful, honest pieces very seriously, and I stress to you that as a game reviewer there is nothing a company can do to sway me in what my honest opinion may be. Ben Kuchera at the Penny Arcade Report wrote up a nice article for those of you (like myself earlier) that don’t know what’s going on here. Read it and learn!

A Dragon Quest VII remake is coming to the 3DS

Square Enix confirmed this week that PS1 exclusive RPG Dragon Quest VII would be getting a remake for Nintendo’s 3DS. Set to release in Japan on February 7th of 2013, the game is supposed to be a remake of the original, and not just a port. There has been no release date given for us in the United States, but seeing as the DS in North America received ports of Dragon Quest IV, V, and VI, and will be getting Dragon Quest X, it’s hopeful that we can see it as well. (Source: My Nintendo News)

Gearbox is giving away free Borderlands 2 skins, but hurry!

Gearbox, the company behind excellent shooter Borderlands 2, got into the Halloween spirit this past week by releasing download codes for unique costumes to use in the game. As long as you sign up for Gearbox’s Shift service and enter the codes before November 5th, you can play as a bumblebee themed Axton, Maya, Salvador, or Zer0. What are you waiting for? FREE STUFF! And if you’re hesistant about signing up for this free service, also note that Gearbox gives you a free Golden Key for signing up, which unlocks the loot chest in Sanctuary, which contains super rare items. Just saying… (Source: Machinima)

Disney has bought LucasFilms for $4 Billion

While this is easily some of the best/worst news of the week depending on how you see the two companies, I am going to take this time to divulge what this could mean for future video games:
1. Yoda/Darth Vader/Han Solo/etc. in upcoming Kingdom Hearts games
2. A Mickey Mouse skin in the next Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
3. Those Disney Princess games can now include Princess Leia
4. [Insert Star Wars character here] in any Disney product (Duh!)
(Source: Disney)

Borderlands 2 glitch causing people to lose save data on Xbox 360

Even more Borderlands 2 news this week, although this news isn’t good news. There is a glitch that is causing players to have their save data deleted. Dubbed the “Graveyard” glitch, it started with gamers hacked the Borderlands 2 disc and discovered a hardcore mode similar to the same-titled mode in Diablo III. Joining a game with a player that has this hack on their profile would result in the player not having the hack losing his or her save data entirely! Gearbox didn’t have a fix at the time of writing, so they suggested limiting online to play trusted players and friends to avoid any avid Vault Hunters from losing their data. That sucks! (Source: Eurogamer)



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2 responses to “Gaming News: 11/3/12

  1. Eric

    11/03/2012 at 6:20 pm

    I am loving the Shift program in Borderlands 2. I took advantage of the golden key giveaways last weekend. I think I ended up with nearly a dozen extra of them. Now my main character is loaded with great loot. 😀

    • jsicktheslick

      11/04/2012 at 7:55 pm

      Unfortunately I completely missed out on those free keys! I have since the started following the Gearbox president on Twitter, just in case something else like that happens in the future.


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